Choose from hot stone bibimbaps to spicy kimchee jigae soup, letting you dine KIMCHEE style!

  • Bibimbap

    Beef / Chicken / Tofu (v)

    A choice of marinated beef, marinated chicken or tofu. Served sizzling hot in a stone pot, consisting of a hearty mixture of sticky rice, vegetables, egg and red chilli paste, is then mixed together at the table. Before the rice is placed in the pot, the bottom of the bowl is coated with sesame oil, making the layer of the rice touching the pot golden brown and crispy

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  • Kimchee Jjigae - Beef

    A selection of beef in a rich hot pot of spicy fried kimchee, mushrooms and tofu


  • Hot Pot Bulgogi

    Thin slices of marinated beef, Korean dates, rice cakes and spinach with glass noodles in a slow cooked soy, ginger and garlic broth


  • Jajang Myeon - Pork

    Noodles served with pork and vegetables in a black bean sauce


  • Kimchee Kimchee
  • Oi Kimchee Oi Kimchee
  • Sweet Radish Kimchee Sweet Radish Kimchee