A thirst-quenching collection of chilled, hot and traditional drinks 

  • Sik hye Cold

    Cold Korean rice beverage

    £ 3.20

  • Aloe Vera/ Citron Tea/ Morning Sunshine/ Plum Tea

    Choose from our sweet aloe to fruity plum tea, the perfect acconpaniment to any meal! Served chilled


  • Coke/ Diet Coke/ Water

    £ 1.20

  • Americano/ Cappuccino/ Flat White/ Latte

    Made from a blend of coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Central America and Asia, giving our coffee an excellent crema and producing a punchy espresso base.

    From £0.99

  • Hangul Cobbler Mocktail

    A fruity, healthy and surprising cobbler in which the cumin note of shiso gives the drink its distinctive character

    £ 6.00

  • Banana Bubble Mocktail

    Sujeonggwa complements this banana shake, full of fruity bubbles and topped with ginger beer

    £ 4.50

  • Plum/ Honey Citron/ Ginger/ Jujube Tea

    From zesty citron to sweet jujube, our selection of honey teas are perfect for the weary body or if you fancy a healthy boost! 


  • Japchae Japchae