Without compromising on the taste or nutritional value of our salads, we ensure all the ingredients used are fresh and crisp; from vibrant salad leaves and vegetable toppings to our beautifully chargrilled chicken breast and soft tofu slices

  • Marinated Tofu

    Served with marinated tofu slices inspired by a traditional Korean recipe


  • Yang Yeum Chicken

    Served with crispy battered spicy chicken


  • Veg Mari Salad

    Topped with vegetable rice pancake rolls served with a range of crunchy vegetables and marinated nuts


  • Chargrilled Chicken

    Served with our succulent chargrilled chicken breast slices


  • Chargrilled Beef

    Topped with chargrilled marinated beef slices made fresh in-store daily


  • Yangyeum Chicken Salad Yangyeum Chicken Salad