Our food

We’ll be serving throughout the day; from breakfast, right through to lunch and dinner, with a great selection of dishes from our comforting Korean porridge Misugaru made with a blend of grains, rice and oats to our popular mix-your-own Bibimbaps and saucy noodle soups.

Not only will you discover new dishes, but you can rest assure they’ll be good for you too. From gut-friendly lactobacillus in our secret vitamin-rich Kimchee recipe, to fresh veggies that have been gently steamed and boiled to lock in all the lovely nutrients, our unique menu will have you coming back for more, each time.

KIMCHEE to go offers a simple, varied yet affordable menu that will allow the adventurous eater to discover the wonders of Korean cuisine – on the go. Whether it’s at your desk or sat with friends and family, we hope to make your meals fun and exciting again.