Our design

Walk into a KIMCHEE to go and discover our traditional Korean garden, wood panelled walls and unusual kiln shaped lamps hung over benches to evoke a serene and modern ambiance in which to enjoy our food. 

We want you to get a feel for Korean culture and design through our fun and free spirited packaging. All of which are given the upmost care and attention to detail, from quirky how-to diagrams through to anecdotal nuggets of Korean wisdom - here, you can learn what a kimbap is to how to say ‘tasty’ in Korean!

The Bibimbap box: One of our Korean signature dishes comes in an innovative two layer box, designed to keep your toppings separate from your rice giving you the freedom to mix the rice and toppings yourself; a true way to enjoy your bibimbap!

The Kimbap box: a neat hexagonal box designed to make the box easy to hold with one hand whilst eating with your other hand. The fold-over lid allows easy access to each kimbap piece whilst preventing any rogue pieces from falling out. Unlike sushi, every kimbap piece is already seasoned and flavoured allowing you to eat kimbaps without the need of any messy sauces (chopsticks are optional too!).

The Dosirak box: Our take on the classic bento box – designed with a little luxury in mind, this box is the ultimate meal in one. The design is stylish yet homely and the large window gives you a sneak preview of the different dishes waiting to be tucked into.

The Spork: This spoon and fork combo is the perfect utensil for all your rice and noodle dishes. Made with 100% bamboo, our spork will have your cutlery drawer trembling in fear with its chic look and it’s completely reusable!