Green Kimchee

At KIMCHEE to go, we want to play our part in helping our planet live a healthier, longer life which is why our packaging is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. We’ve worked closely with our UK suppliers allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint yet still providing quality products we’re proud to stamp our brand on.

The Dosirak box: this box is one of our eco-warriors. Both the box and inner tray is 100% recyclable; the inner tray is made from bagasse material, a fibrous matter produced from crushing sugarcane to extract their juice making it the perfect biofuel!

The Spork: Our spoon-fork hybrid is made from 100% bamboo and completely reusable; all it needs is a good wash, dry and lots of care and love.

We believe good food tastes that much better in an environment that’s looked after and cared for, so if you see this symbol  on any of our packaging please help us to help our planet and recycle where possible. ‘감사합니다’ kam-sam-nida (Thank you!)